Assessment Tool

This short Questionnaire will help you evaluate your readiness to become an employer.

Upon completion, you will also receive advice on where to access further training to improve your knowledge.

1.Is your business currently profitable?
2.Do you know that your business is profitable enough to cover the financial cost of an additional employee?
3.Do you know about financial supports that are available to assist you to take on your first employee ?
4.Is your business seasonal? Is it normal in your business to have peaks of work at intervals during the year?
5.Has your workload been increasing?
6.Have you lost or rejected work as you do not have enough capacity?
7.Have you identified gaps in your skills & knowledge that a staff member could fill on a daily basis?
8.Are you interested in growing your business?
9.Do you plan to increase the production or service provision in the near future or foresee a need for additional qualified personnel in your organization in the future?
10.Do you think that a new employee would help your business grow? (Increase production, offer more services, have a larger client base, increase your profit margin etc.)
11.Are there people you know that can help you increase your business that you would be prepared to work with on a freelance basis?
12.Have you assessed your workplace and found that it is a practical and safe environment for your new worker?
13.Do you have policies and procedures in place to safeguard the health and wellbeing of your workforce?
14.Are you confident you can define the role of your first employee?
15.Are you equipped to attract the right talent to work in your business e.g do you have recruitment strategies, procedures for interviewing, contracts etc?
16.Are you confident that you know the processes and legal requirements related to employing people?
17.Do you have enough knowledge of the process of inducting a new employee into the business?
18.Do you have induction and training processes in place?
19.Are you familiar with learning programs and how they could benefit your business?
20.Do you know what resources you need to successfully organize and execute a learning program in your business?
21.Do you have enough knowledge of the long term management and development of an employee to sustainably expand your business?
22.Would you be willing to undertake a learning program to hire your first employee?